GLASSPROF sp z o.o. is part of the ALUPROF SA

We are based in southern Poland, in Ogrodzona, just a few kilometres from Cieszyn.

GLASSPROF is a dynamically growing company specialising in the manufacture of fire-rated glass and processing architectural glass.

With the full, state-of-the-art technological facilities we have at our disposal, we are able to offer glass solutions of the highest quality.

Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide comprehensive technical advice on fire-rated glass and other architectural glass solutions.

EI 30

We set out to ensure the safety of the people who use buildings and, in the event of fire, to protect them from its effects.

GLASSPROF’s fire-rated glass has a number of crucial, distinctive features, including:

  • The glass is neutral in colour, with a transparency level as high as 87%.
  • The radiation resistance has been confirmed by independent testing (EN 12543-4). There is no need to use external laminated glass to protect the fire-rated glass in insulating units from UV radiation.
  • It is classified as safety class 1B1, the highest as per the EN 12600 standard.
  • The high level of sound insulation reduces noise by 93% and more.
  • Lightweight, at 32.5 kg/m2 for GLASSPROF’s EI30 glass.
  • Large-scale glazing is possible.
  • GLASSPROF glasses are composed of tempered panes featuring automatically arrised edges.
  • No aluminium tape is needed on the edges of the glass for moisture protection.
  • Cutting-edge, fully automatic production technology is used for the glass.
  • Our products are also available in the form double and triple glazing units featuring a range of glass functions.

We are always delighted to work with

manufacturers, general contractors, architects and other construction industry companies.